• Healthy Recipes

    A tasty side dish

    Jerusalem artichokes are very special roots, also called topinambur (Helianthus tuberosus). They are related to sunflowers and have a fantastic yellow blooming in the early fall. Although they are very common along rivers, not many people know this interesting food. Good substitutes for potatoes, but lower in calories and starch,…

  • Healthy Recipes

    Unusual roots

    The autumn is coming. Tomatoes and peppers will not have the same full taste that we got used to during the summer. It is therefore time to brush up some winter veggie recipes. Lets try some roots: they are a good side dish for legumes, meats, egg and fish. Source:…

  • Healthy Recipes

    Rice, beans, pumpkin

    A healthy, quick and cheap meal, in line with recommendations. You can prepare it from scratch (soaking and boiling the beans) or you can to save time by using canned beans: it is a perfect option, just be aware that canned food is often a bit too salty. You can…


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