For the curious traveler

  • Visit an Italian kitchen and learn the theory of healthy meals applied to tasty and attractive dishes. Grains, legumes, olive oil and veggies – thousands of combinations for healthy meals.
  • Too much pasta is not good for you, but there are secrets to enjoying it without threatening your waistline.
  • Have you seen strange veggies at the market? I can tell you how to cook them.
  • If you love Tuscan cuisine, there is more than bistecca alla fiorentina in our kitchens. Here you can explore traditional recipes based on different varieties of beans and learn how the Tuscan peasants could survive in the past with chestnut flour as a staple food.
  • And if you are travelling with kids, you can leave them here while you tour the city of Florence. I will teach your kids some easy and fun recipes: you will evaluate the results when you are back for dinner.

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