#cookathome: the series begins

Are you in quarantine or in self-isolation? Or are you just socially distancing yourself? This is the right time to concentrate on what you eat. Do not waste this unique opportunity.

Healthy food is good and easy to prepare.

Follow me…I’ll help you to organize a well-balanced lunch or dinner even without too much planning. The secret is to keep at home basic ingredients. Some with a long shelf life – pasta, rice, farro, dry legumes, flours, yeast, olive oil, vinegar, spices, some salt, some canned food – but of course also fresh fruit and vegetables according to the season – and fresh eggs and dairy. I usually stock my freezer with nuts and seeds (they stay fresh longer), and some fish and meat, for special occasions. I also freeze bread, and portions of leftovers…for the days in which I do not want to cook.

In this difficult lock down period, just try to increase your reserves, little by little.

And do not buy junk food! Snacks, crackers, chips, ready food, cookies, etc can be left in the store: we will make them from scratch and enjoy them in special occasions.

Stay tuned… the first recipe is coming soon….