200 calories?

Are you always worried about calories (kcal) and you never grasped the meaning of “energy dense” food? Here you can see pictures that make the concept more immediate…compare for example how much celery and how many French-fries you can put on your plate for the same amount of 200 kcal. Click on the pictures to see the volume of the food item on the plate.

These beautiful pictures can also help you to know what to add or delete from your daily menus, to reduce caloric intake. If we are generous with vegetables (low energy density) we fill up our stomach with very few calories and then allow ourselves a small portion of our favorite energy-dense dish. Losing weight does not mean giving up all what we like. Often it is sufficient to reorganize meals, reducing the quantity and the frequency of the most energy dense dishes.

CAUTION. The food items shown in the pictures have the same energy value, but very different nutrient composition: they are not interchangeable!!